This website is meant to share some of my writing, work, and thoughts with the world. It includes an overview of the Spenta book series, a life-long project of mine. I've also organized the rest of my work and writing into different sections, based on my interests. The section on "Technology, Self, and Society" includes my talks and essays related to digital life. Here you can find more on my M.S. thesis in Symbolic Systems, where I conducted ethnographic work looking at the impact of new technology and social media in shaping the "always-on" life of high school students. In addition, you can find my writing on my other areas of interest including philosophy of mind, religious studies, and fiction. I also post Fireside Notes -- my version of Sparknotes written for fellow book club members and coworkers.

I lived in the SF Bay Area my whole life up until recently. Currently, I'm pursuing graduate studies in Communication at UC Santa Barbara, looking at media use and well-being. I enjoy going on walks, listening to NPR podcasts (Radiolab, On Being, Planet Money, and To the Best of Our Knowledge are some of my favorites), swimming, playing banangrams, and thinking of funny nicknames for my close friends and family.