The Spenta book series is an ambitious literary project that I hope to write over the course of my life. It explores spiritual, technological, and societal questions -- rooted in Zoroastrian symbolism as it interacts with other spiritual traditions and intellectual systems. Specifically, the seven books of the series map onto the seven-fold symbolic system at the heart of the Zoroastrian religion, known as the Amesha Spentas , or "Holy Immortals." Each book is grounded in a central metaphor belonging to each Amesha Spenta (e.g., plants, fire, or water). This metaphor provides the basis for each book's exploration of a far-reaching societal topic (e.g. discontents of tech society, American society and politics, wellness and digital vulnerabilities). In the chart below, you will find this larger symbolic system elaborated on in more detail, including the following attributes: the title of each book, the symbol for the book, the quality associated with the symbol, the shadow associated it, the kind of inspiration the book comes from, the embodiment of the spirit of the book, and the area that the book touches upon.

The Symbolic System of the Spenta Book Series
Story Symbol Quality Shadow Inspiration Embodiment Area
The Flora that Grew from the Wasteland Plants Vitality Depression Dream Friend Disenchantment with Tech Society
The Spark that Became the Fire Fire Trust Fear Story Community American Society & Politics
The Potion that Merged with the Ocean Water Wellness Addiction Magic Psychiatrist Wellness & Digital Vulnerabilities
The Earth that Prayed for her Children Earth Humility Hubris Odyssey Heroine Climate Change & Environment
The Pack that Saved the Rat Animal Virtue Delusion Fable Practitioner Mental Illness & Culture
The Jewel that Reflected the Gem Sky Gem Compassion Indifference Visions Artist The Artistic Temperament
The Song that Flowed from the Heart Human Wisdom Desire Flow Healer Dying & Death

Please note, the above text has been adapted from The Flora that Grew from the Wasteland.