Technology, Self, and Society

(Work and thoughts on an emerging field of tanthropology and tethics)

Inflection Brownbag Talk on "Always-On Life of High School Teens" (Talk on Youtube about my M.S. Thesis)

High School On Facebook: An Ethnography of Social Media, New Technology, and Psychosocial Risks of "Always On" Teenagers (Symbolic Systems M.S. Thesis)

10 Lessons from Wisdom 2.0: A Twitter Sized Ethnography (Synopsis of Wisdom 2.0's 2012 conference that appeared on Inflection's Slope Blog)

Technologies of Social Enframing and the Impact on the Psychosocial Landscape: A Comparative Analysis of Turkle and Heidegger (CS 378 Term paper)

TEDxHayward Talk on Imagining Inner Peace Innovation (Talk on Youtube. Given at TEDxHayward - Peace Innovation)


(In search of a multiple drafts theory of consciousness that believes in experience)

Most Recent Thoughts on Consciousness: Consciousness as space and time observing integrated energy

On the Dynamics of Emotion and Consciousness (Book I wrote outlining a theory of consciousness, which I've since recanted and rethought; NBIO 201 Social and Ethical Issues in the Neurosciences Final Paper)

Meditations on Coltrane (NBIO 201 Term Paper)

Moore Consciousness Please (Philosophy of Neuroscience Final Paper)

The Perduring Stream's Enduring Feature (Phil 80; Self/Identity paper)

Complete Knowledge without Sight: Can We Know All There Is to Know and Still Be Blind? (Phil 80; Mind-Body Problem paper)

A Failed Attempt to Rescue Freedom from van Inwagen: Lewis' Weak and Strong Theses and his Argument's Impotence (Phil 80; Free Will paper)

Nondual Meditation with Novices and Negative Emotion Reactivity and Cognitive Dissonance Discomfort (Psychology Honors Thesis)

Religious Studies

(Pondering the Varieties of Religious Experience from Within and Without)

Zoroastrian Studies:

The Winds of Dissonance In the Sands of Time: Eschatology and Changing Belief Among Zoroastrians across History

The Backdrop of Radical Dualism in the Zoroastrian Tradition

Composing, Conceiving, Conducting: A Stairway to the House of Music Where a Sacred Song Sings

Purifying Consciousness: Understanding Cosmic Truth in the Gathas

Buddhist Studies:

Gems Reflecting Gems: An Analysis of the Net of Indra In Light of Theravadan and Mahayana Worldviews

Non-dual vibrations: Sexuality in Tantric Buddhism


(Imagining Worlds through Words)

The Flora That Grew From the Wasteland

The Spark that Became the Fire