This website is meant to share some of my writing and work with the world. I have organized this into different sections based on my interests.

My Fireside Notes offer detailed summaries of various books I've read as part of a book club. Under Digital you can find my work on digital life and society. Books includes my works of fiction and non-fiction.

You can also find my graduate research on the psychological well-being of always-on teens, as well as my most recent research on the attentional health of college students.

My podcast, Wise & Well with Neekaan, is dedicated to living wisely and well in the digital age.

I studied psychology and neuroscience as an undergrad at Stanford and went on to pursue graduate work in Symbolic Systems at Stanford and Communication at UC Santa Barbara.

I enjoy swimming, hiking, podcasts, creative writing, contemplative approaches to digital life, and thinking of funny nicknames for my close friends and family.