Below is my work on digital life and society...

Wise & Well with Neekaan (My podcast dedicated to living wisely and well in the digital age)

TEDxHayward Talk on Imagining Inner Peace Innovation (Talk given at TEDxHayward - Peace Innovation)

Calming Technologies (A co-authored paper introducing the field of calming tech to a scholarly audience)

The Intersection of Media Multitasking and Procrastination in Academic Performance (Communication M.A. Thesis on attentional health)

High School On Facebook: An Ethnography of Social Media, New Technology, and Psychosocial Risks of "Always On" Teenagers (Symbolic Systems M.S. Thesis on psychological wellbeing)

"Always-On Life of High School Teens" (Talk given at Inflection)

10 Lessons from Wisdom 2.0: A Twitter Sized Ethnography (Synopsis of Wisdom 2.0's 2012 conference that appeared on Inflection's Slope Blog)